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Namcong’s Handbook – Design process for Post-tensioning concrete: Part B

This version was written following Eurocode2, Concrete Society technical report No. 43 and Post-tensioning manual of PTI

For this Handbook, our Research and Application Dept. has done great effort to summerize and arrange all the requirements for design of post-tensioning system so that those who are in process of understanding this techique shall study further and have more intensive understanding about this.

Edited with detailed calculation steps and checking at various stages, this is believed to be a helpful documents for design and construction engineering in this industry.

Technical Guideline - 5th Edition

Specification and technical guidelines presented in accordance with international design standards Eurocode 2, British Standard BS 8100, BS 8596, BS 5400, BS 8500… and PTI Manual. Presided by Researching and Application Department Namcong Engineering Corp, Vietnam. November 20th, 2014

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Technical Guideline - 1st Edition: Post-Tensioned Slab/Beam Cutting & External Post-Tensioning Techniques

Focusing on design and construction techniques for post-tensioned slab/beam cutting and external post-tensioning accumulated through years of experiences in actual construction works. Presided by QCTD, OSDD, CD and CRIA. Namcong Engineering Corp, Vietnam. April 20th, 2016

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Post-tensioning Quantities (PTQ)

Nowadays, Post-tensioning system has been more and more popularly applied for beam/ slab and other complexstructures in many kinds of projects, due to its technical efficiency and cost-saving benefits. This tool is developed to help user (contractor, investor, and consultant…) to seek and access the specific details of any project with various scales (hotel, restaurant, hospital, office buildings…). User shall input requested indicator and press OK to see the actual completed and ongoing project.


  • View the design project with the detail required
  • Search, filter all the similar projects
  • Show the average indicators of the design project, or the overall average indicator of all the similar projects



Version: 1.0

Available on Android

Access to Application for Post-tensioning Quantities (PTQ)

Post-Tensioning (E&C) Brochure

Post-Tensioning (E&C) Brochure

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