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Overall Structure Design

Overall Structure Design

The structural safety of a building is not normally considered by its users however this is only achieved through careful consideration of design and construction. We can provide a structural engineering consultancy to carry out the calculations to design and specify the structural elements from foundations to roof of a building, ensuring the construction process is practical and cost effective and meets the relevant standards/regulations while ensuring the buildings stability and safety with a strict procedure.

Post-Tension Structure Design

Post-Tension Structure Design

Post-tensioning is an optimal solution for your project. Which can help to reduce structural cost and construction schedule

Post-Tension Construction

Post-Tension Construction

Post-tensioning system is applied to construct the slab with thinner concrete section and longer spans between supports in comparison with conventional reinforcement concrete. Post-tensioned (PT) slabs are typically flat slabs, band beam and slabs or ribbed slabs.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Whether residential or commercial, our mission at Namcong is to create a visually stunning yet functional living space with an ambience that not only complements our client’s taste, but is also conducive in a practical sense. Let our interior design team help you build your dream home! Our designers, consultants and architects are highly experienced and fully equipped to assist you in design conceptualization, interior design, and more.

Structural Construction

Structural Construction

Being a leading contractor, consultancy, highly qualified, skilled and technically sound professionals are our true assets!

Building Renovation

Building Renovation

We bring our customers the best solutions both in design and construction. Applying the most advanced technology in management to minimize the time but still ensure the aesthetic and quality of the project.

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What is Post-tensioning?

Post-tensioning is a form of prestressing. Prestressing simply means that the steel is stressed (pulled or tensioned) before the concrete has to support the service loads. Most precast, prestressed concrete is actually pre-tensioned-the steel is pulled before the concrete is poured.

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Our Strength

Our people

Human resources is considered one of vital elements of Namcong's Cambodia successes. Therefore, we always hire and train employees to work with a great passion, tremendous enthusiasm and professional working style for the sustainable development of the Company.

Our experience

Experience is the most valuable asset we have throughout the years of development, accumulation over time, perfection and improvement. We believe that with our experiences, Namcong will build greater values, bringing the whole group forward.

Advanced Technology & Machinery

With valuable experiences, we always learn and apply advanced technologies in management. Create management methods that match trends. The application of machinery in production helps save a great deal of labor for people, with our machines being precious treasures. The maintenance inspection to ensure the machine always works in the best state, the standard is always closely followed by us.