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Along with the Top projects we have ever joined, we are increasing the performance of our design team with our valuable experience as well. We understand that our knowledge shall boost us to meet more and more challenging missions, and meet our clients’ requirements for various types of projects. For us, a successful man is the one who never satisfies with the things he got but always on the move of changing, innovation and overcoming challenges. Therefore, for the coming stages of our business, we are now do our utmost in researching and applying cutting-edge technique for infrastructure industry. Moving forward and being the pioneer in applying cutting-edge techniques into all types of construction works, we tend to become a professional contractor in both post-tensioning and overall structure design & construction. The world is always changing, staying still means moving backward. With strong commitment on every project, Namcong shall always improve its self to be a reputed partner and trustworthy contractor of all of our valued clients.

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